The Counterfeits Band

  Our New single "Strong" is Free until 2014. Also, The Summer Album is available at any of our shows.   The Counterfeits perform some feel good original songs as well as covers. Ska, Reggae, Rocksteady, R&B, etc.   Haven't seen The Counterfeits LIVE? here's 15 minutes of them mashing up some toe tapping tunes.   New pics of the Counterfeits. Visit our Facebook and post your own pic of the shows.  

Strong (Free New Single)

Bing Bang Boom (CD track 4)

Acoustic Jam Live

JamRock Live

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"Perhaps the area’s best “reggae rock party band,” the Counterfeits are no stranger to the Old Town scene,
having performed at Viva Vino, the PUBlic House and Front St. Union. Laid back, positive, feel good music."
- Chris Baptiste, Southwest Riverside News Network (Oct 11, 2012)